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Cooking Classes

Thank you for your interest in my cooking classes. I have relocated to the East Coast. I will post schedule and location of cooking classes as soon as I get settled!

Get over your fear of working with Phyllo dough ! 

 Everything you wanted to know about Traditional Armenian cooking but were afraid to try. Come learn Traditional Armenian and Middle Eastern cooking just like Grandma used to make.The aroma will be reminiscent of days gone by.   




Series One ~ Dates to Be Announced

1.      Spinach and Feta in Phyllo Dough (24). Gatnabour (Rice Pudding)

2.       Nazouk Original, Walnut and Date Filling

3.      Tahnabour (Yogurt Soup with Meatballs) 34

4.      Upside Down Chicken (Ma Lube) 108  Zucchini Boats 137


Series Two ~  Dates To Be Announced

1.     Baklava & Cheese Beoreg

2.     Learn to Make String Cheese & Simit

4.     Manti & Filling for Meechougov Keofteh

5.     The Art of Making Meechougov & Sini Keofteh 


Series Three  ~  Dates to Be Anounced

1.      Meat Grape Leaves & Meat Cabbage Dolma

3.      String Beans with Olive Oil & Bulgur Pilaf

4.      Walnut Kunaffee

5.      Vosbov Keofteh & Vosbov Chorba (Soup)


Series Four ~ Dates To Be Announced

1.      Yogurt Keofteh Soup, Glorig Keofteh Soup in Tomato & Lemon Juice Broth    

3.      Hummus, Taboulie & Babaganoush 28A & Jajik

4.      Meat Dolma, Green Pepper, Zucchini, Eggplant

5.      Vegetarian Cabbage Dolma


The cost for four week cooking class series is $xxx. At the end of the class the students will take home their culinary art work.

Bring with you containers to take food home with you. Classes will be taught by Ani Lanuza owner of Ani’s Best Gourmet.

To reserve your space please call or e mail Ani at 619-889-1459 email anilanuza@yahoo.com Space is limited.  Classes will be held at TBA







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