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Gift Boxes

Say Thank You to your most loyal clients

Say "Welcome Home" to the new homeowner

Say Happy Holidays to Friends or Family Members far and near

Give them something they will not soon forget

One Dozen Rolled Baklava & Half Pound Butter Almond Toffee
Mini Mix N Match $ 24.00
One Dozen Baklava,1/2 lb Butter Almond Toffee & 1/2 lb Honey Roasted Almonds
Medz (Big) Mix N Match $30.00
One Dozen Baklava, 1 lb Butter Almond Toffee. 1/2 lb each Honey Roasted Almonds & Pistachio Locum/Nougats
Ani Special $49.00
1 dozen each, Rolled Baklava with Cinnamon & Sugar, Almond with Aromatic Orange Blossom and Cashews with Fragrant Rose Water.
Baklava Bonanza $45.00
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